VR movies is a new entertainment format

Interactive VR movies are specially created graphic cinema novels on the Unreal Engine. It films with famous actors who interact directly with the audience.
Depending on the viewer's actions, the plot of the film and its final change. The choice is given in critical situations and climaxes, so that its importance is most felt.
Ability to influence the plot
Prototypes of the main characters of VR films are famous film actors. They are recreated in computer graphics with maximum similarity and stylized under the characters of the film. We use the technology of motion capture during the shooting. All movements, facial expressions and voices of actors are digitized and transferred to virtual reality. The viewer, along with the actors, becomes one of the actors in a fantastic universe.
Movie Actors Starring
Throughout the film, the viewer is offered various interactive actions with other characters and enviroment objects. And the user interface is made as intuitive as possible, so the tips and the required actions are clear to any viewer.

Interactive world

What is unique about VR movies?
VR industry emerged quite recently, but has already presented a lot of projects, among which the vast majority are gaming. VR films are focused on storytelling and are not deprived of an interactive component.
HTC Vive and Vive Pro
30 min
from 12 to 60 years (core 20-35)
Technical description
Scenario tree
3 and more finals
Age rating
Teaser of interactive VR movie"Kessler Effect"
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