The most popular questions
What is the recommended ticket price?
— We recommend the price per 30 minutes of play in your club (center). You can offer a price that differs from the recommended one, but it remains at your discretion.
What is the duration of the movie?
— The duration of the movie is 30 minutes. There is 3 endings of it
Does the viewer have a possibility to watch all 3 endings for 30 minutes
— It depends on how the scenario goes. If the viewer watched one of the bad endings first (total time is 22 min), then he is invited to watch another good one (+7 min). And if he watched a good ending first, then the bad is no longer offered, because all the coolest moments he has already watched.
What equipment is suitable
— HTC Vive / HTC Vive Pro (Intel Core i5 7400 / 16 Gb RAM / 256 Gb SSD / NVIDIA GeForce 1070)
And what to do if I have the other equipment
— We plan to adapt our product for various platforms in the near future. Therefore, you inform us about your equipment, we note it, and as soon as adaptation takes place, we will inform you about it.
Can I watch a demo?
— We do not provide a demo, after signing the agreement you will have 5 free views in the first month and 3 - in each subsequent visit to each location for training new staff at a pre-agreed time.
And if the video is 1060 or lower and RAM is 8?
— 1060 is suitable, but not recommended, sometimes graphics will "slow down" due to a heavy loading. Video below 1060 is not suitable. 8 GB RAM is also not suitable, you need to extend it.
Can I get an exclusive for the city?
— Exclusive for distribution in your city can be obtained subject to the implementation of the adopted sales plan. Ask our managers to provide you with the sales plan.
How will you track the number of movie launches?
— Tracking is done by use of our system built into the movie. It will transfer data about all launches with a duration of more than 5 minutes (to exclude test launches).
What if I suddenly lost the web- connection? Is it possible to launch the movie?
— It is possible, but demonstration of the activation is required once in 3 days, and if the system does not connect to the Internet on the 3rd day, then it will be impossible to launch the movie until the web-connection is on.
Why is the movie called "Kessler effect"?
— The name of the premiere VR movie means a phenomenon in which the entire near space is filled with fragments of various space garbage colliding with each other and disintegrating into small pieces.
Is there a possibility to watch the movie together?
— No, the movie is only for one person, but you can watch it with a group on different devices and each of you can watch a different ending.
Is there any need to shoot and kill?
— No, it is an adventure movie, where you have to save the Earth.
What is the age rating?
— 12+
How will you advertise the movie in our city?
— The movie advertising campaign will be launched In the near future, it will direct participants to a website with all the locations, where they can watch the movie. So, they will find your LBVR.
Will it be possible to reserve online watching in our locations and pay online on this website?
— Yes, if you have an online booking / payment system connected to your website - we will redirect the user to this system. If it is not connected, your address and telephone number will be displayed on the website.
How does a VR movie differ from a good story VR game?
— The difference is that the games are played, but the movies are still watched. Imagine a complete immersion in the movie, even with the plot control in the process of watching. You don't need to try to be the winner or manage to do anything not to lose as you do it in the game, you need to watch and make decisions in the process of watching.
Is it possible to watch a movie in one room using several equipments? Will not they interfere with each other?
— It is possible to do it in one room.
Do viewers of the movie feel seasick?
— No, the viewer does not feel dizzy.
Will you send marketing materials?
— After signing the agreement, we will immediately send electronic materials.
Where can I get the price lists for commercial materials?
— We send them immediately after signing the agreement.
What is the installation procedure?
— Our application is a ready application without an installer on UE4, no special installation procedure is required.
What is the installation procedure?
— Our application is a ready application without an installer on UE4, no special installation procedure is required.

During the first launch, you will see the window of security system in which you need to enter a key and go through automatic online activation.

Also, before using the release keys, the message "the test key is used" will be displayed during the launch and the additional window with an "OK" button will pop-up.

Our system generates a report on all movie viewing sessions at the end of each month. This report is agreed and you pay $ 5 for each movie. Every month there are 3 free views on each location (for training new staff).
If you still have questions please contact us