Each VR content has its own budget (230-400 thousand dollars)
for marketing and PR promotion, including the following:

Marketing promotion of each new product
By marketing campaigns, we gather
an audience and attract it to your locations.

Premiere and press

Integration and special
projects with famous bloggers
Social Media Promotion Campaign
Contextual and banner advertising
YouTube Pre-rolls
Placement in recommendation services
Virus Special Projects
Partners promotion
Join our family
Our first 5 pioneer locations in each city will get discounted prices and other benefits.

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To start working with Impulse Machine you need
to take 4 simple steps.
Write back a number of your locations,
their addresses and the number
of HTC Vive helmets at each location

Get your access to Impulse Machine
platform and launcher
Download the platform app and a content
Start earning on the new content
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