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City of the future for Tele2
Designing the city of the future for Tele2. Demonstration the use of VR capabilities for corporate purposes.
VR store for Henkel
Virtual interactive branded store for training of regional merchandisers to work with Henkel products. Demonstration of the correct layout of goods in order to show its impact on the buyers behavior.
360° fashion show with VR market for "MEGA" shopping mall
Interactive fashion show in 360° shooting format and integration with VR interface for visitors of "MEGA" shopping center with the ability to select, postpone and purchase your favorite product.
"Kessler Effect" — the first interactive VR film
An interactive short VR film in the sci-fi genre, created on a joint of games and cinema, with a script tree, three different finals and the participation of famous movie actors.
Content for the Impulse Neiry project
This is software and hardware development, equipped with a neurocomputer interface and a virtual reality helmet, is an initiative project of Impulse Machine.
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